Boston: getting around

First and foremost – a pleasant surprise for anyone who is as practical as me – getting anywhere from the airport on a public transportation is FREE. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, it is F-R-E-E. Public transportation system is very convenient and covers pretty much any place you would need to go. There are three means of public transit: buses, subway and boats. The fees start from $2.65 for a single Charlie Ticket (subway and bus pass), and a 7-day pass would set you back $19 and give you unlimited 7-day access. (More info here) The subway system can get a bit confusing in the beginning but subway staff is very friendly and helpful, and ticket machines take both credit cards and cash. Uber and Lyft are available as well, although the fees are a bit higher than most of other US cities. Getting from the airport to downtown Boston was as easy as a piece of cake and, being that it is free, is totally the best way to get to the city. Once in the city most attractions are pretty much walking distance from each other and in a nice weather it is a nice walk with gorgeous scenery.
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