Lhasa: where to eat

1. Breakfast - Bakhor Cafe Bakhor St, Lhasa, Tibet Barkhor Cafe has various drinks and foods and a few PCs with internet access are available. Stay away from Yak Butter tea, unless you are feeling adventurous and want to cleanse your stomach - which it will do no matter how strong you thought your body was. Don't tell me I didn't warm ya.
Photo by Yowangdu
  2. Lunch - Magiyia Ngami restaurant Bakhor St, Lhasa, Tibet Magiyia Ngami refers to a small restaurant located at Barkor. Covering a total area of less than 200 sq m (2150 sq ft), it is dwarfed by a giant tower. Most foreigners visiting Lhasa know it, and more than 30 journals and TV stations including those in Beijing, Hong Kong, Germany and Thailand have produced reports about it - it is sort of a local celebrity if you will.
Photo by Yowangdu
  3. Dinner - Crazy Yak Saloon BeiJing East Road, Lhasa, Tibet 0891-6331999 With traditional Tibetan decor, this place offers a decent Chinese or Tibetan buffet style dinners. Next door to Kirey Hotel on Beijing East Road, it is easy to find and quite safe to eat at - be prepared to continue your discovery of varieties of dishes that can be prepared with yak meat - a staple in Tibet. However, the place is known not for the food as much as it is known for their music shows - a 30 minute performance of traditional Tibetan music every couple of hours - a crazy and fun experience that will make you forget about your food anyway.
Photo by trip advisor.com