Lhasa: getting around

Minibus is the main form of transport in Lhasa. It is a quick and convenient way to get across town. At 2 CNY per ticket (that's less than 50 cents!) it's a steal and gets you to places the cheapest way. Although it only operates late morning till early evening, so basically that is a great way to get around during the day light. Bus No. 1 and 2 goes through the Norbulingka to the coach station. Bus No. 3 and 5 run to the Drepung Monastery. Bus No. 4 runs to the Sera Monastery. Bus No. 91 runs between the city center and the Railway Station. Eight more public buses including No. 82 and 83 were open in 2007.
Photo by TIBET.CN
  It is much easier to hail a taxi. The fare is CNY 10 (less than $2) for going anywhere within the city. For longer journeys, you will need to negotiate with the drivers. Local population lives in extreme poverty so paying an extra dollar should not set you back too much and will probably get you a much better service from the driver anyway.  In fact if you have 24 hours and extra $50 you can negotiate a car for an entire day - with a helpful local driver and THAT is priceless. Pedicabs are unique vehicles to get around downtown. A pedicab can carry two people and generally costs RMB 4 to 7. It is a more time-consuming journey than traveling by minibus but is an interesting and unique experience - so hop on and have fun.
Photo by TIBET.CN
  Riding a bike is another great way to get around the city in summer time. Bikes can be rented from many hostels along Barkhor Street. Generally, the rental for an ordinary bike is CNY 2 per hour and CNY 20 ($3) per day - but be aware that bicycle theft is very common and you will have to pay the full price if you lose it.
Photo by D. Jaroschik