Astana: pack smart

Astana is the second coldest capital in the world (after Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia), so you can imagine that visiting it in the winter months will require heavy duty warmers. Winter is extremely harsh, with temperatures dropping down to as low as -40 degrees Celcius (which is where it meets Farenheit!) so if you are planning to go to Astana anywhere from November till April - don't! If you absolutely have to go make sure to invest into a great coat - and i mean INVEST.  A great one is Canada Goose, it will set you back around $800 but it will surely keep you alive in that cold. I have tried North West jackets before - and though it is half of the price of Canada Goose it is not nearly as warm and basically won't be of any use. A great pair of Timberland fur lined boots is a must as well - it will keep you warm as well as help stay balanced on the icy roads that are typical for this time of the year (the cars need winter tires, why won't you, right?)
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  Spring (mid April to late May) and Fall (September to mid November) are considerably short and warm - as in leather boots and less puffy jackets - but don't be fooled - you will still need sweaters and hats, and it will still be windy.
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  Summer is of course the best time to visit. June to August the weather is great - it gets the hottest late July to early August - but for the most part it is quite pleasant - with temperatures going up to 26 C (80 F) and down to 12 C (55 F). Make sure to pack a sweater - the nights get chilly.
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