Astana: getting around

Astana is a new city, and the only two means of traveling around the city except for walking are buses and taxis. Buses are not an easy means of traveling for anyone that does not speak Kazakh or Russian, although for most part Bus route number 21 gets you to places: it goes through the entire downtown of Astana (info in Russian can be found here). Taxis are mostly unregistered and private - most of the drivers in Astana would pick you up if you are going the same direction as they are and the process vary from 500 tenge ($2.5) in the city to 2000 tenge ($12) to the airport. There are also few taxi companies that would get a car to you within 30 minutes to an hour  - they are a tiny it more expensive, but mostly due to longer waiting times are less preferable, especially during the day time. For safety reasons this is the best option during the night time though - the companies work with trusted drivers and do a background check on them. Here are few taxi services and numbers but be prepared to speak Russian or Kazakh - although a simple English explanation might work as well. And finally, the best way to travel Astana if you are on a tight schedule is a Double Decker Bus. It is a bus for visitors, that goes around main attractions in Astana. It will set you back 2400 tenge ($12), but you can get on and off of it any time and when the weather is nice it is a great way to see the city fast and easy.
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