Astana: what to eat

1. Breakfast - Cafe Rafe Bokeikhanova St 14, Astana (7 7172 391 500) Great little cafe next to Bayterek. Most staff speaks or at least understands English, the food is constantly good and prices are reasonable. The location is certainly the best feature of this cafe - also good for lunches and dinners. There is no alcohol on the menu though - which makes it perfect for breakfast.
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  2. Lunch - Rabiya Baitursynova St, 5, Astana (7 775 617 36-82) Little cozy restaurant in Highvill residential area. Traditional Kazkah and Uzbek cuisine at a very reasonable price with -wait for it -50% off the entire menu for lunch. It has nay been opened recently so they are trying to attract customers - but hey, great food, cozy surroundings and amazing prices - who is complaining?
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  3. Dinner - Ali Baba Bukeikhana St, 3 , Astana (7 7172 32 18 99) Very popular with locals, especially in summer time, this restaurant features great menu of traditional dishes with constant quality, at a reasonable price. It is located close to the river and in summer opens its outside seating - traditional style "yurts" sitting - when you have to take off your shoes and show your flexibility skills. Hookah is offered here (as well as many other places) so if thats your thing - this is definitely your place.
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