San Juan: fun facts

1. There are no traffic lights anywhere in the islands.
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  2. San Juan County has more miles of shoreline (375) than any other county in the United States. (Note: Hawaii is made up of 5 counties.)
San Juan County Park-Sunset Campers 700 x 330
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  3. There are no rivers in the islands, but there are several waterfalls (Orcas Island).
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  4. There are on average 247 days of sunshine a year and half the rain of Seattle or Portland.
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  5. President Theodore Roosevelt slept at Roche Harbor's Hotel de Haro twice - 1906 and 1907.
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  6. The Pig War (1859 - 1872) on San Juan Island was the last time that Great Britain and the U.S. opposed each other on U.S. soil. General George Pickett, of the famed Pickett's Charge at the Civil War's Battle of Gettysburg, was commander of American forces during the Pig War.
Pig War map
  7. There are several hundred islands known as the San Juans Islands, most of which are quite small and uninhabited. Only 15 islands in the archipelago receive public ferry service, some of which are passenger-only ferries.
San Juan Islands
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  8. San Juan is the oldest city within U.S. territory, founded in 1521 by Ponce de Leon. Many argue that St. Augustine in Florida is, but it was established on 1565, San Juan beat it by 44 years!
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  9. The oldest church still in use in the Americas is found in Old San Juan which was built in 1522, La Iglesia de San Jose
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  10. In 1596 the British took over San Juan and brought Puerto Rico under British rule for 65 days.
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